First Asian Symposium on Cellular Automata Technology
(ASCAT 2022)

March 03-05, 2022 (Online)

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    March 03-05, 2022

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    First Asian Symposium on Cellular Automata Technology (ASCAT 2022)

    Cellular Automaton (CA), one of the most emergent areas in natural computing, is a paradigm of uniform fine-grained parallel computation which has been explored to understand complex systems by developing its model at the microscopic level. CA is modular, scalable and capable of massively parallel computation. These features, along with its capability of performing arbitrary computation tasks, self-organizing ability and self-reproducibility have attracted attention of researchers to exploit CA as technology to solve many real-life problems in the domain of VLSI (very large scale integration) design and test, pattern recognition and classification, cryptography, pseudo random pattern generation, in-memory computation, image processing, data compression, medical imaging, bioinformatics etc.

    Since long, India has played a significant role in research on cellular automata (CAs): theory and applications. A number of workshops and seminars on CAs have also been organized in India. Not only India, other Asian countries like Japan, Turkey, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc. also contribute significantly in Cellular Automata research. In fact, to this date, an important part of research in cellular automata, both in terms of quality and quantity, comes from the Asian community of CAs researchers. Many of them work in the domain of Cellular Automata Technology. However, there is no conference or symposium organized till date in India or anywhere in the world dedicated to this topic.

    Recently, during this ongoing time of pandemic, some of the Indian researchers have come forward in creating a research group, Cellular Automata India where most of the CAs researchers and scientists from India as well as many renowned scientists from around the globe have joined. Two webinar series have already been organized from this platform where eminent scientists have given invited talks and shared their research with the audience. The recording of the events are available at Cellular Automata India YouTube channel. This time this platform has been extended to start a new series of symposiums as a meeting place of the international intelligentsia to share, review, discuss and collaborate on CAs.

    Target of this conference is to promote fundamental research on automata theory and CA based unconventional design approaches in state-of-the art technological solutions for different emergent areas and challenges. It can also popularize research on unconventional computing among the academicians, scientists and engineers of Asian countries and promote international collaboration between Computer Scientists, Mathematicians and Technologists of Asia and the other parts of the world.