Welcome to Indian Summer School on Cellular Automata 2024

An internship Program on Cellular Automata: Theory and Applications

Last Date of Registration : 15th May, 2024
Program Duration: 20th May 2024 - 19th July 2024
         27th May 2024 - 26th July 2024


The Indian Summer School on Cellular Automata was started in 2021 as a virtual internship program to train young cellular automata enthusiasts from multi-disciplinary domains on the theory and applications of cellular automata. Three previous versions of the summer school, 2021, 2022 and 2023 have been successfully completed. This free internship programme which lasts for almost two months, is rigorously research based and follows strict evaluation criteria. The previous Summer School was organized by Cellular Automata India in association with University of Béjaïa, Algeria.

The duration of the summer school is of two months containing two phases.

First phase consists of one month of theory classes. Theory class will contain regular assignments which the participants have to submit on time to continue. At the end of the theory course, there will be a written test. Participants have to qualify this test to be eligible for the second phase.
Second phase contains one month of research-oriented project work. Only the eligible participants from the written test will be assigned a project and a mentor. A group of participants may be assigned the same project to work as a team.
There will be weekly evaluation of the project work. The assigned project is research oriented and may not be completed within this one month period. The participants need to agree that they will continue working on the project with the respective mentors and complete it within a stipulated time. Only after completion of the project and submission of the outcome as a research article, she/he will be provided the internship certificate subject to endorsement from the mentor about the completion of the work.

Indian Summer School on Cellular Automata 2024

This is the fourth year of internship program on Cellular Automata: Theory and Applications. This year the internship is more rigorously project based and the theory relevant to the projects will be discussed in class.

  • 01 Broad topics to be covered for this year

    [1] Introduction to Cellular Automata
    [2] Game of Life
    [3] Modeling of natural and social phenomena
    [4] Reversibility and Randomness
    [5] Non-uniform cellular automata
    [6] Cellular Automata Technology

  • [1] Supervised and Unsupervised learning
    [2] Evolutionary Computing
    [3] Societal phenomena modelling
    [4] Disease prediction modelling
    [5] Cellular Automata modelling for Mineral Ore Estimation in Mining Industry
    [6] Primitivity testing
    [7] Technology/software development

  • [1] Research Oriented
    [2] Exploration of Natural Computation
    [3] Course Work & Problem Solving
    [4] Expected to Submit the research paper in CA based conference such as ASCAT 2025 / Journals



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Sukanta Das

IIEST Shibpur, India

Nazim Fates

Institut national de recherche en sciences et technologies du numérique, France

Rezki Chemlal

University of Bejaia, Algeria

R Ramanujam

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, India

Sumita Basu

Bethune College, Kolkata, India

Kamalika Bhattacharjee

NIT Tiruchirappalli, India

Sukanya Mukharjee

IEM Kolkata, India

Souvik Roy

School of Engineering and Applied Science, Ahmedabad University, India

Supreeti Kamilya

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, India

Sumit Adak

Technical University of Denmark | DTU · Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Rinkaj Goyal

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

Sudhakar Sahoo

Institute of Mathematics & Applications, Bhubaneswar, India

Umitty Srinivasa Rao

VIT Chennai

Prince Gideon Kubendran Amos

NIT Tiruchirappalli, India

Mrinal Goswami

Assam down town University

Call For Participation in Indian Summer School on Cellular Automata 2024

We invite you all to resigtered here to be a part of this internship program.

Previous Summer Schools

Summer School on Cellular Automata Technology 2022
Distribution of participants
Designations: UG: 108 (1st year: 12, 2nd Year: 48, 3rd Year: 46, 4th Year: 2), PG: 15 (1st Year: 8, 2nd Year: 7), Ph.D: 8, Others: 17 (Faculty members)
Nationality: Indian – 142, Brazilian – 1, Algerian – 2, Bangladeshi – 3.
Number of completed projects: 12

Summer School on Cellular Automata Technology 2023
Distribution of participants
108 from India, 29 from Algeria, 1 from Zimbabwe, 1 from Bangladesh, 1 from Tunisie.
Variety of applicants: 17 PhD, 27 PG (2nd), 18 PG (1st), 8 UG (4th), 21 UG (3rd), 33 UG (2nd), 4 UG (1st), 12 Others.
Number of Applicants selected after screening and interview: 62 (15 PhD, 12 PG 2nd Yr, 10 PG 1st Yr, 13 UG 2nd Yr, 6 UG 3rd Yr, 4 UG 4th Yr)

Statistics of Summer School on Cellular Automata Technology 2023

Topics ranging from Probabilistic CA, Urban Modelling, Information Theoretic Analysis, Interaction of Genetic Algorithm and Network Science with CA, Classification and Clustering, to Random Number Generation
Total 20+1 projects were finalised for all students including 9 PhD students.

Proposed Projects 20+1
Active projects 20+1
Completed Projects 10
Published Work5

Previous Summer School Projects

The number of projects that published in Conference / Journal.

Indian Summer School on Cellular Automata Technology 2021

Two papers Accepted in "Proceedings of First Asian Symposium on Cellular Automata Technology"
Journal: Complex Systems
  • "Analyzing and Extending Cellular Automaton Simulations of Dynamic Recrystallization", R. S. Subramanian, R. S. Shree, P. G. Kubendran Amos
Journal: Journal of Cellular Automata
  • "Exploring Reachability Tree for Non-uniform Cellular Automata Under Open Boundary Conditions", Nazma Naskar, B K Sivaraj and Sukanya Mukherjee
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Summer School on Cellular Automata Technology 2023

Five papers Accepted in "Cellular Automata Technology: Third Asian Symposium, Ascat 2024, Durgapur, India, February 29-March 2, 2024, Revised Selected Papers (Communications in Computer and Information Science #2021)"

Journal: Natural Computing
  • Details will be updated soon.
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Events of Cellular Automata India

Summer School

The Indian Summer School on Cellular Automata was started in 2021 as a virtual internship program to train young cellular automata enthusiasts from multi-disciplinary domains on the theory and applications of cellular automata.

ASCAT Conference

Few years back, this platform of CAI group has been extended to start a new series of symposiums as a meeting place of the international intelligentsia to share, review, discuss and collaborate on Cellular Automata.

Webinar & Workshop

Two webinar series on cellular automata and a Lecture Series on the Memory of Prof. Conway are organized by Cellular Automata India. One-week Online Workshop on Cellular Automata and Secured Hardware Design held on March 15 - 19, 2021

Cellular Automata India (CAI)

We are an open Research Group who loves Cellular Automata. Our objective is to help you enhance your knowledge about CAs, update you on the trending research topics and to initiate and encourage further discussions on them. If you are a research aspirant and wants to learn CA, feel free to explore and connect with us. If you are an experienced researcher in this field, we invide you to join us in this endeavor.




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