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In this page, you will find events related to Theory and Applications Cellular Automata (CAs), such as, discourse of lecture series, associated webinars and academic workshops, recent events and trends of research in CAs as well as links to materials related to cellular automata. Our objective is to help you enhance your knowledge about CAs, update you on the trending research topics and to initiate and encourage further discussions on them. If you are a research aspirant and wants to learn CA, feel free to explore and connect with us. If you are an experienced researcher in this field, we invide you to join us in this endeavor.

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Indian Summer School on Cellular Automata

An Internship Program on Cellular Automata: Theory and Applications

Cellular automaton (CA) is a paradigm of unconventional fine-grained parallel computation that is being extensively used to model several applications in real life.

Indian Summer School on Cellular Automata was introduced in 2021 on the platform of Cellular Automata India as a virtual internship program to train young cellular automata enthusiasts from multi-disciplinary domains on the theory and applications of cellular automata. This school offers a state-of-the art internship program on cellular automata (CAs) for students, professionals and researchers, where the participants can explore various aspects of cellular automata in different domains.

This free internship program which lasts for almost two months is rigorously research-based and follows strict evaluation criterion. Here, an introductory course on CAs is offered and then some research projects are given to the successful students to choose. Each student has to work on a project which will be mentored by expert(s) on that field and submit a project report. Certificate will be issued based on their performance in the final examination including a written test, a presentation on project and endorsement from the mentor on completion of the project work.

Two previous versions of the summer school, 2021 and 2022 have been successfully completed. Last year, about 150 applications were received, and through one-to-one interaction, 49 students and professionals were invited to participate in the school. Finally, 19 participants successfully touched the finish line. The successful participants have carried out 12 different projects out of which 5 works are accepted in ASCAT 2023.

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Webiner & Workshop


Two webiner series on cellular automata and a Lecture Series on the Memory of Prof. Conway are organized by Cellular Automata India

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One-week Online Workshop on Cellular Automata and Secured Hardware Design held on March 15 - 19, 2021

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Asian Symposium on Cellular Automata Technology

Cellular Automaton (CA), one of the most emergent areas in natural computing, is a paradigm of uniform fine-grained parallel computation which has been explored to understand complex systems by developing its model at the microscopic level. From the last three decades, CA as technology is being used to solve many real-life problems in the domain of VLSI (very large scale integration) design and test, pattern recognition and classification, cryptography, pseudo random pattern generation, in-memory computation, image processing, data compression, medical imaging, bioinformatics etc.

Since long, India along with other Asian countries has played a significant role in research on cellular automata (CAs): theory and applications. Many of these researchers work in the domain of Cellular Automata Technology. However, there is no conference or symposium organized till date in India or anywhere in the world dedicated to this topic.

Recently, during this ongoing time of pandemic, some of the Indian researchers have come forward in creating a research group, Cellular Automata India where most of the CAs researchers and scientists from India as well as many renowned scientists from around the globe have joined. This time this platform has been extended to start a new series of symposiums as a meeting place of the international intelligentsia to share, review, discuss and collaborate on CAs.

Target of this symposium is to promote fundamental research on automata theory and Cellular Automata Technology based unconventional design approaches for different emergent areas and challenges. It can also popularize research on unconventional computing among the academicians, scientists and engineers of Asian countries and promote international collaboration between Computer Scientists, Mathematicians and Technologists of Asia and the other parts of the world.

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